Skull Mask Makeup for Halloween

I guess this is the right time to post all makeup I did during my preparation for Halloween. Hope it could inspire your look this weekend. My pink skull mask , together with my little son skull mask too Another pic with my friend. I am sure u can see what she is playing ✨

Spring/Summer Cherry Blossom Makeup

I cannot forget how beautiful of the pastel shade from Dior trianion spring collection. Need to put it out and here’s the result Hope you enjoy to see and feel the spring and summer coming. Always summer in my case πŸ˜…πŸ˜βœ¨hot and humid all the time. Enjoy your Labor Day 😁🌸✨

Man Woman

My newest challenge to help my friend achieve two looks in one performance

Blue falselashes

Hard to find false lashes that perfectly suit my eye shape, instead of give up, I try custom made … This is one of my creation πŸ˜‰


I always do research before creating a look. Sugarskull has nothing to do with horror or creepy things. Since it contains skull, many recreation of it make it related with Halloween. sugarskull meaning And also this is the stepbystep

China doll

This is another recreation from adorable mua I found in Instagram. I love being inspired and aspiring another. Sharing is caring … This is how to , step by step…

Tropical Forrest

I love to paint my face. This look o recreate from one of beautiful facechart from sephorapro mua. Please refer to my Instagram account @fanny_blackrose to see more details.