Ran Cosmetics – Powder Foundation

Since last year, almost every brands speed up their launching want to be earlier on their holiday, fall/winter, summer collection. It ends with long pause after, nothing new for several month for a makeup junkie or makeup collector, whatever you want to call me 😅.

Slowly I look around for non branded, luxury items surrounding me. That’s how I found this brand.

Here, local makeup artist already rave about the powder from Ran Cosmetics, under big name of Bangkok Famous celebrities Makeup artist name Nong Chat. Hopefully I write down his name correctly 😁 all the information I found was in Thai Languange! Which I know nothing about it. He held some makeup workshop around Asia, with his famous foundation powder

I prefer flawless healthy skin for my personal makeup. I do feel this powder will fulfill that from all information I could get before I bought it.

I decide to buy 2 shades from 4 available at this moment. The shades available is typical Asian makeup for sure. It tends to be whiter with yellow base.

As in their website, they have new addition shade R21 suppose to be Neutral in between R11 lightest pink undertone and R22 yellow undertone.

Here’s I bought R11 that I hope will match my skin tone and R21 that I haven’t touch yet. R11 I turns out so pale white , surely do brightening my skin! Long time I don’t use any powder foundation, it’s so convenient and travel friendly.

I am in the shade of Porcelain and Ivory in many other brand foundation. So it will match the lightest skin shade I believe.

The white packaging with futuristic flower, really catch my eyes. Made from plastic, doesn’t feel cheap but not as luxury as the price point too. It reminds me a lot of ultima and revlon powder foundation packaging.Half of my face is bare and the other with powder foundation number R11.

I use R11 with lots of bronzer, under the natural tropical sunlight at 5pm. You could see it does perfecting my skin which is far from perfect for sure.

The powder itself claim to erase wrinkle, glide smoothly and conceal the dry patches, acne and acne scar eraser, to get flawless doll skin. Big Claims that I do give it 80% they fulfill it.

I ask the Indonesian seller, how I suppose to use it? With powder foundation, I thought I could use it wet and dry, but for this one, dry only.

When i try it wet, the powder does more coverage actually, but it feels heavy after.

Many Makeupartist using it as a finishing powder especially for bride. I do feel that appropriate. Tear proof I would say, not waterproof you could do for swimming.

Other than powder foundation, the brand has another stuff like serum, eyeliner and eyebrow product and the latest one they add makeup brush. I am not sure if it is limited edition or permanent stuff.

in this picture I am using their Red Brown eyebrow and eyeliner pencil. It has soft texture that doesn’t hike smoothly over my hairy part of my eyebrow. I know the colour is not my cup of tea, but it does said red, so I just testing it out, do they have another colour? I don’t see they list it on their website too.

Interesting Thai Brand for sure. And I’ll collect all the powder foundation soon.

Have you tried it?

Share your experiences 🤗❤️✨

And as always, until the next post



3 Comments Add yours

  1. Wah cici… Bagus banget ya… Masukin wishlist bulan depan…. :’)

    Flawless and natural ❤

  2. Jessica Filbertine says:

    halo ci, aku mau tanya dulu beli bedak RAN nya ini dmn ya? aku penasaran dan coba cari2 tp ga nemu2 ini di Bangkok ..hahaha

    1. Indonesian got distributor. 😉

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