Sometimes Ago … from Absolute New York Cosmetics

Sometimes ago, from the Surabaya Beauty Blogger first soirée , I’ve got this beautiful goodies from Absolute Neywork Cosmetics Indonesia ❤️

Here’s the two things I’ve got from them.

Modest Matte Liquid Lipstick ( MML 11 Seductress )

It feels like a mousse in my opinion. It does take sometimes to dry down completely matte. Once it sets, it doesn’t move around anymore. The first thin application is not that opaque, but you could build it up as my swatching. It feels a bit sticky too on my lips.

Pointy applicator makes it very easy for neat application. I don’t need lip liner anymore even with darker colour like this.

Easily draw a line with this applicator.

Eye Artise Eyeshdow (FUDGE)

I choose this colour myself. I love this kind of colour, it comes handy for single eyeshadow to have in my kit.

the packaging is very simple, easy to carry with and sturdy enough.

I could use it for contouring Cheek bones, contouring nose, single colour eyeshadow or even contouring nose.

I’ve got powder kick back when touching with my finger. It is soft, buildable and blendable. Just need to be more careful with the fall out.

here, I am trying to cover my veins colour withouth any primer. I do think it works nicely. I could build the colour until fully opaque even without any help from primer neither damp my finger.

However, after I blend and make comparison with my contour powder, I found this FUDGE got slightly es undertone.

left side is Bobbi Brown Taupe.

Right is Absolute New York FUDGE.

Hope that comparison could help 😉✨

Thank you for reading, and as always

Till next one



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