F2F Cosmetics – Nail PolishΒ 

Today, I come as Indonesia’s. clozette Ambassador for Face to face Cosmetics, local Brand that you could find at Instagram F2F.Cosmetics  Their launch new range of waterbase nailpolish that also peel off. You basically don’t need anymore nail polish remover to correct all the mistake and it won’t strip of your nail moisturizer too when peeled….

Marc Jacob #122 ultraviolet nailpolish

I love this ultraviolet color to match my purple hair πŸ’œ pigmentation is really amazing, true color from bottle to my nail. Drying fast , I just braid my hair after 10mins apply it. ✨😁 I will say, keep a good job MJ. This is definitely my new love πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ

Tom Ford SMOKE RED nailpolish

Tom Ford Nailpolish in Smoke Red ❀️ This is the best among the others Tom Ford nailpolish I collect. It doesn’t dry very quickly which is forgiving during application, pigmentation good, true color from the bottle to my nail. I used 2 coats and it’s all. I haven’t use any top coat in this picture….

25 Show Me The Pink , Tom Ford Nail Lacquer

Really beautiful peachy pink color, with fine silver shimmer inside the luxury bottle. However, the application is really bitchy 😭 it is streaky and hard to get even color. On the picture I use 3 coats! πŸ˜… yes 3coats… And still I cannot get the finish i wanted. Not happy with the end result, I…