I do think this is my first time writing about fashion I wore. To be honest, fashion is not something I would adventure so much. I know exactly what I want to use, colours and the level of comfortable in maximum state for sure. I am the one who is not willing to be suffered for the sake of looking good. Hahahha…

For the 2nd Surabaya Beauty Blogger, together with ESYE Singapore brand that already in indonesia for 9 years, I’ve got opportunity to choose what I like to glam up during the soirée. Cannot say thank you enough for this opportunity.

Here’s what I choose from the brand.

Red peplum top, with the right cutting around my waist area. It does cover my big tummy perfectly. I am still suffering for post twin babies belly which is obvious to see, look like I am still pregnant.

Transparent open shoulder with sleeve that also drip perfectly on my hand calve. It covers my excess fat too on that side.

As for the bottom, I choose black culotte with asymmetric drape and high slit. It’s very comfortable and in the same time, the high slit giving the long leg effect when I pair it with my killer heel.

I would love to use this kind clothes to go cocktail party as it’s glam enough, hang out with friends since it’s very comfortable to use too. I could mix match both of it with another piece to glam it more or even tone it down with more casual piece.

As always , i hope that you are enjoying my writing here and find it informative and useful.

As always, until the next post



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