Priceza Indonesia

On my busy lifestyle as a working mom, I need to be smart how i manage my quality time with family. For sure I don’t like to shop out with many hassles. I prefer to shop online. But many times It takes more time to check here and and there, what is the best deal. But not anymore when I found Priceza

After I found this application, I always use it. As easy as 3 steps, search- compare-buy, I could get what I need quickly. Priceza will display comparison products and prices information from many online stores.

Their application available to download in the both android and iOS.

On my iPad the app looks like this

you could sign in with your Facebook ID, that’s what I do, it’s very practical. Or you could use your email address.

and you will be surprised that it covers so many thing inside

Not stopping there, they also give you POINT REWARD. You could exchange your point reward with lucky draw or regular monthly gift on your choice.

And it’s available in 5 other countries too.

They Start in Thailand from 2010, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines and Vietnam ,also Indonesia since 2013. It is a trusted application for sure.

I have good experience using it in indonesia ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ฉ,

I hope this post could help you manage your time better and spending your money wisely too.

As always, till the next post Beauties



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