One day at Viva Cosmetic Factory ( PT.VITAPHARM INDONESIA)

Today I have an Beauty event with PT. Vitapharm Indonesia. They are celebrating their 55th anniversary, 1962-2017 and still going strong. One of the leading company that make so many Indonesia’s beauty. You could see them giving back to the society in many ways too.

Today also their 6th anniversary for Media Online , they start it 11.11.2011.

You could reach them at Viva Cosmetic for their main line

and for younger who want to start with makeup they have Red-A

They show us their production process and warehouse too, but not allowed to take pic or even selfie at that area. Really impressed with their quality control. Their price is really affordable and I really surprise that it’s going so much phases to get PASS.

Next is Beauty Class starting with Skincare first with Beauty Trainer and Advisor from Viva

End with fake lashes application

After beautiful morning, knowledge about the company, Skincare and their makeup application, we take lunch break.

Continue with workshop photography with Moch. Rizky. How to take a good selfie with our best angle.

definitely good lightings the key to take a good picture. Here they are using ring light. But if don’t have, as person who live at tropical 🏝 weather, we are blessed with free ☀️ sunlight that’s is free amazing light.

Viva also very kind and well prepared for the whole event. Here’s I am taking advantage of beautiful roses 🌹 background. Love it.

amazing goodies inside, all the new premium product from them. This December they will launch more which I am very excited. Their best seller product of eyebrow pencil, will launch in the new packaging, automatic pencil eyebrow. Not only that, they will add one more grey-ish colour which I think will suit me more. I really can’t wait.

Thank you so much Viva Cosmetics for having Surabaya Beauty Blogger, including me.

Thank you for reading

Ass always, till the next post



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