Japan Softlens – RICH BROWN 

First of all, I don’t use contact lenses daily basis. I have normal eyes until now. Usually I use contact lenses to emphasis the effect of my total makeup look. 

This time Surabaya Beauty Blogger works together with Japan Softlens to share their awesomeness. Japan Softlens is one of biggest online shop that provides many famous makeup artist here in Indonesia. You could find them at their instagram @japansoftlense or click on the link above. 

I don’t really know what I am looking for with contact lense, as long as it doesn’t hurt my eyes and the colour show clearly on my eyes, I am happy with it. The more I try, I realize that higher water included on the lense, it will increase the level of comfortable on my eyes. 

But this time, I have got pair of “yellow” contact lense,  that I never use before! Interesting and challenging for me. What the makeup will suit this kind of lens? 

Here’s the details about the lens:

Product : Rich Brown, Brand : Ageha, Series : Rich Series, Diameter : 14.5mm (16mm when used), BC : 8.9, Water : 65%, Type : Gel, Tone : 2 Colors, Power : ±0.00 (Normal Lens)

The packaging: 

I do several makeups that will give different effect of using this lens.

Super pale Makeup with red eye makeup does become one of my favourite. It gives vampy vibes on my total look.

Second look is very minimal, just light of blush and a lot of highlighter. Rich Brown contact lens gives elegant glamour total look in my opinion. 

The last makeup I use a lots of bronzer to get warmer total look. And it blends beautifully with coral lipstick.
I just want to say thank you for the opportunity of trying wider colour scheme of contact lense, otherwise I will stick with blue/grey/ other cool tone colours 😊✨

I know, it’s not a review. It’s more playing wit more makeup and adventure new way of using and emphasing it. 

Hope you enjoy my post, and as always , until the next one beauties.


Fanny Blackrose 

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