BYS Australian Cosmetics – Smokey on-the-go, Pure Silk Foundation, Velvet Liquid Lipstck 

My last working trips to Jakarta always fruitful since I become Clozette Ambassador. Hi 👋🏼 Clozette Management, love to work with you 😘❤ 

So I have invited to BYS cosmetics counter launch at Plasa Senayan counter is on basement level. During that event I’ve got foundation, On-The-Go-eyeshadow Palette and Velvet Liquid Lipstick.

Another place that you could find BYS is: Sogo Kita Kasablanka and soon in many other big cities around Indonesia.

I swatch their wide selection of Pure Silk Serum Foundation and I choose 23 Natural Beige, it’s the lightest of pink undertones available that just match my skin perfectly. If you are lighter or way darker than me, they still have colour to match you, from pink, neutral to yellow undertones, awesome. At their original website, there’s white foundation to lighten and darker foundation adjuster , but I haven’t see it here, in Indonesia.

For the eyeshadow palette I choose smoky BYS on-the-go-palette It’s not that I don’t have other smokey pallete in my collection, but I want to test if the eyeshadow,  especially the black one is easy to work with.  In my opinion black eyeshadow do wonder things on eye makeup. Mine will not complete without it.  You can find it easily almost everywhere and almost in every pallete but not easy to find good quality one. What I mean good quality? I love to play with eyeshadow but with the black eyeshadow if you offer blend it in the some point it will just disappear, on the not so good quality formula. Believe me or not, it is hard to find the true black shadow. Here is the swatch of eyeshadow: 

As you can see on my swatches, I believe they could improve the pigmentation more. I need some help with primer and damp makeup brush to pack intensity of darker colours. Surprisingly that’s not happen with the matte white, it’s super pigmented and easy to work with. 

Last but not least, BYS Velvet Lips, I choose color 07 Prima Peonies. No need to explain why I choose this colour you know this is my every day, no over thinking colours of lipstick that goes well with any makeup and outfit I will wear. I need to layer 3 times for the full opaque and smooth pigment on my entire lips.
I use and try it on my face

From all the three products I tried, my fave is the foundation. I wear it around 10 hours and it’s oil control amaze me. Usually my skin will turn slightly oily around my big pores, tip of my nose, inside cheek and center of my forehead, combo be with humid weather and my sweaty activities. 

There is another product that I want to try and I regret that wasnt buying it at that time. I see a lot of peoples a lot of Beauty YouTuber comparing BYS Berries eyeshadow palette to Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance, it seems have almost the same color but I haven’t tried it myself and it is very interesting.

The other thing that I want to try it so bad is their contour palette. It seems legit and it doesn’t cost you dearly. The contour palette, it’s looks like KatVonD Shade and Light Palette.

Don’t you think so?

Have you try any of their products? Share me your thought about it 💓 and don’t forget to join my giveaway of these beauties, rules at my Instagram post 💓 good luck everyone 

As always , till the next post 



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  1. Di bandung belum ada nih Ci ;(
    Itu foundie nya oke banget kayanya ❤
    Cocok buat sy yg males touch up… and so flawless!!
    Paling naksir velvet lipsnyaaa…. Cute color pisannnn … ❤

    #BYScosmetics #BYScosmetic

  2. Vida says:

    I like your review about BYS Australian Cosmetics,and I really want to try them. Hopefully I am lucky 😇😘

  3. Felicia Brigitta says:

    hai, aku sudah baca semua isi blog mu keren sekali #BYScosmectics

    1. Bing Bing says:

      Review nya sangat membantu deh. Naksirrrrr produk nya. Keren bangettt ce Fan!

      Miss you 😘

  4. Same as you, i also curious about bys berries pallete. But i wanna ask you about the foundation. Is it good for dry skin? Is it matte finish or dewy finish? Thank you. Your reviews is so informative btw 😊

  5. (btw sempet shock pas tau blognya pake bahas inggris ya tapi tetep berusaha untuk baca dan mengerti HAHAHA )

    Omg ci fanny , productnya kok bikin greget yaa. foundation yg darkernya cocok deh ke kulit aku hihi Eyeshadownya yaowoh ci greget pengen aku gunain warnanya ituuu gliter gliter aduhai dan kayaknya pengen banget nyoel dan make itu eyeshadow hihi. Lipsticknya soft banget dan ga menor natural syantikkkk hihi

    Review ny berguna bangett ci , apalagi detail jelas dan penyampaiannya bikin greget banget pengen deh bisa menang giveaway dan nyobain product yg bener2 LOVE bangettt.

    Sukses ci 💕 Luv💜💜

  6. sefinamakeup says:

    Wahhh mmmmhhh terkesima sama kualitas foundinya. Tahan sampai 10 hours itu keren banget, apalagi buat tipe kulit wajah yg oily. Butuh bgt nih foundie yang seperti ini. I have to try this. Thx for the review 😆😊😆. Hopefully can get it free hehehehe 😂😊👌👍

  7. Felicita says:

    Wow keren 😎 #BYSgiveaway
    Success always ya cantik..

  8. Whoa.. I think it really really awesome. I should try this product too. Thank you for review this product, you look prettier (even you are pretty at the begin. Hehe) after use all of this makeup. Btw, i joined your giveaway event. Please count me too. I’m indonesian

  9. Reblogged this on Desita Natalia Gunawan and commented:
    Hai ladies, you should read a this post.

  10. Wanny Wijaya says:

    Wahhh, keliatan nya oke banget tuhhh.. mau nyobain jadinya, apa lagi foundie nya bikin mupengg…… Wuuu, liquid lipstick nyaa kayaknya cucok banget yaa…. Di wajah kakak , kayaknya berasa dapet banget…..
    Love your blog❤❤❤

  11. annisahartinah says:

    Wawwww.. kak awesome banget review product BYS Australian cosmetics nya
    Jadi pengen nyoba produk dari BYS
    Lipstiknya itu warnanya cantik banget
    @janiz.vellz (ig)

    1. annisahartinah says:

      Waaaaw kak awesome banget reviewnya paling bisa deh👍👍👍 kakak buat orang terkesima sama review”nya kakak jadi pengeeeen banget nyoba product BYS Australian cosmetics
      Kapan aku bisa pakai? Hhe
      Kak love love banget sama warna velvet liquid lipstiknyaa cantiiiiiiiiiiiiik❤❤❤💖😍
      Foundienya cocok buat kulit aku apalaagi bisa taahan lamaa beeeh mantaaap 👍👍👍👍

  12. mybellesa says:

    Thank you for such a nice info about the new product in town. Review nya menarik banget bikin pengen coba produknya deh. Sekarang aku lagi cari foundation yang cocok di muka oily aku ini and I think this foundation will be one of my choices. Semoga bisa segera ada di kota-kota lain ya. I really hope to win the giveaway so I can try the product very very soon. Waiting for your more review 💕 #BYScosmetics

  13. Shelleymuc says:

    Pretty as always Ce! Penasaran banget sama Foundation dan berries palette.

  14. Intan puspita says:

    Penasaran sama produk BYS ini pengen coba foundationnya sumpah bikin ngiler..eyeshadownya juga cantik” warnanya..luv😙😙😙thanks for reviewnya sungguh bermanfaat…

  15. Vina says:

    Hai,,salam kenal kak,,
    Reviewnya sederhana tapi bikin mau coba deh,,berarti blog kak menghipnotis yang baca nihh… langsung pengn coba tapi apa daya modal beli belum ada,
    BYS Velvet lips color 07 warnanya unik menurut aku,,,yang bikin mupeng itu eyeshadow nya lohh ,menurut kaka pigmentasinya bagus,,pngen punya…
    sukses selalu blog nya ya kak,, #BYScosmetics

  16. Silvia says:

    Nice product… Good foundation… Hope i can try it on my face 😀

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