Face 2 face Cosmetics

If you are following me on m Youtube Channel under the same name “Fanny_Blackrose” I am sure you already see my swatches of F2F XOXO Matte Lipstick. If you haven’t, here’s the link F2F XOXO Matte LIpstick Swatches .

I do feel their matte lipstick has amazing pigmentation, beautiful colour selection that will suit many skin tones, especially Asian and slightly drier side  that i need to use lip balm first before i put it on.

Beauty industry really is growing very fast in the past 2 until 3 years. Not only for international brand also for indie brand. There’s alot small company are starting their debut with liquid lipstick last year and i love how it is.

Face2face cosmetics itself has wider collection not only limited to many beautiful colour of XOXO matte lipstick but also BB Cream , Eyeliner, Blush, Lips Stain Eyeshadow and i believe they have selection of powder too which is not included here on my PR Makeup Pouch.

I love their packaging colour too, it sleek black and silver. For their powder product, they have very efficient sleep black compact that i am sure it will easily to slip in any pocket and makeup pouch.

Their eyeshadow comes broken and I try to fix it, so it seems a bit dusty. As you can see I touch and swatch it here, it does a bit sheer. Not the highest pigmentation but it does the job nicely. I do think it is fair for the price and quality. 
Their blush is really nice, it looks matte on the pan but it has beautiful sheen on the swatch. Giving healthy glow that I love to achieve. Face2face also have not only black but also blue eyeliner. I am not fan of this kind of eyeliner formula, I do feel it could be better on the formula, it does need more times to get even colour.  I don’t mind usin their applicator, it feels like thin brush. However, I love the colour. Hope to see improvement in the future. 💙

I also got their bb cream at beige colour, it is definitely too dark for me. The formula need to be shaken before application for sure. Or else it will come seperately. Here’s my makeup idea for Hari Raya Idul Fitri that’s coming very soon, using mostly Face2face Products.

When it comes to celebrate, I am thinking of talking, smiling, laughing and eating a lot! I do prefer playing with bolder eyeshadow and more natural colour on my lips. But it doesn’t mean I will use nude lipstick here. I choose the brightest color and dab it on the center of my lips to giving ombre healthy look. 

When you are coming across here, i am sure you are beauty lover too. Hope you are enjoying this post. 

And as always

‘Till the next post




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