Celebrating EID Mubarak 12 with Althea 

After my first unboxing Althea Box #14 on my YouTube channel Here and I my blogpost Here, many asking for more information about “what’s Althea all about?”  Here I will explain more so you can join the fun ❤✨

In my country, it is really hard to import beauty related stuff, even with my background at law, I don’t really get exact information, what and why some makeup, skincare and beauty tools couldn’t imported here. Base on my personal experience, I have got lots of troubles to clear custom and tax. So I stop importing stuff. Afraid of losing and all the hassles makes me wait until I have a chance to go outside of my country. 

When I heard about Althea for the first time, still in not sure what I am hoping for. But after the opportunity collaboration with Surabaya Beauty Blogger, I can say that I am glad that Althea is giving service in my country too 😊❤👍

Here’s what you will find when you open the link I give you earlier as you can see, it’s cover rest of the world! 

Althea is all about Korean Beauty and Skincare, which is trending right now. It doesn’t cost you fortune and the packaging is cute-top-notch! 

For more user friendly , Althea App also available for iOS and android 💖🌸💕✨ 

I am enjoying surfing through their application on iOS. I do find the details and swatches help me a lot to decide which Korean beauty trend I want to achieve. Not only the appearance , but all the ingredients are listed. 

For this special moment of Eid Mubarak 2017, you will get Limited Edition Box as in picture. 

Still not enough reason to download the app? Althea got FREE special gift for this special moment 

What are you waiting for? Fulfill your Korean Beauty Wishlist with Althea 💚✨

Hope this post answered all of your question about Althea. 

And as always 

Till the next post 



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