Bioderma Launch at Surabaya 

April 8,2017 One fine day, Saturday well spent with Bioderma Indonesia  that launch their product at Surabaya, East of Java. 

You could click the link or just check their website at

To celebrate their launch, they have special promo at all Guardian at Surabaya area. 

 Organized together with Surabaya Beauty Blogger , They set a lunch table at Domicile, one of best cafe at Surabaya. 

This is the first time, a beauty brand, bringing us in such nice place and well prepared. Starting with good preparation that well executed on the day. 

Personally, I have been using Bioderma Sensibio, their best seller, since the first time they are launching. I never hear or read any bad reviews about it. And when the range of its growing, I am more than willing to try more products from them. 

Here’s the range of Bioderma’s product that available at Indonesia at this moment:

What really catch me is their model,HEALTHY SKIN! That’s all about it. Their ingridient makes our skin more active to do recovery by itself. 

But beside all the good stuff that very theoretic for our ears, one thing for sure, it’s very effective to remove makeup and it doesn’t sting my eyes nor strips all the moisturizer on my skin. 

Here’s Mrs. Heidy Sembung, Marketing Director of Bioderma Indonesia 

At that day, I also got amazing opportunity to experience the artwork of Senior Makeup Artist, Qiqi Franky 

My dream comes true! Thank you Bioderma 💖 I always adore his work and finally I could be painted by him, I am really grateful for that. 

After all the beauty session that really gives me a lots of information about skin and how to use makeup properly. Bioderma’s team bring us to Guardian to see their products there. 

And that’s wrap the beautiful Saturday with Bioderma Indonesia.

Here’s all the store that carry Bioderma products at this moment 

Looking forward to have beautiful event with Bioderma Indonesia. 

#BiodermainSBY #BiodermaXGuardian

And as always’

Until the next post 



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