TheBalmID – Pickup Liners & Meet Matte Hughes

I’ve seen this products all around Social Media quite sometimes and I am happy it doesn’t take long to come here, at The Balm Indonesia. 

I already see so many good reviews about this products. And I literally can’t wait to try it myself. 

Thanks to Clozette Indonesia and The Balm Indonesia that I’ve got opportunity to try 3 pickup liners and 1 Matte Lipstick colour from their lovely range. 

I personally use and love their previous lip products. Their packaging always on point. Their name of product always very creative, sometimes funny, many times sassy enough for my taste. The product itself got minty smell that lingering quite sometimes, I am fan! 


One of the best lips liner I’ve ever use and I use a lot already! 😃 for my mature skin, I need to be careful to pick which one to use. Wrong product could cause more appearance of texture on my crack chappy lips. Not only that, the purposed to line my lips won’t be achieved too. 

After using it several times, I do think this Pickup Liners got some strong points: 

  1. Prolong the wear of lipstick up to 8 hours
  2. Make the color of lipstick is more solid and durable
  3. Gently on the lips
  4. Very pigmented, we could easily got vibrant result 
  5. Sharpener included at the other end of pencil
  6. Creamy texture , so it could be used as lipstick too. 

If you read the name of each shade : The 1 you need… Fine all over … Fineapple…

Beautiful sentence, isn’t it? 🤗💖✨

    MEET MATTE HUGHES – Matte lipstick 

    This time is really the era of liquid lipstick. Almost every brand has their own liquid lipstick on their own version. But I could tell you, this liquid lipstick range from The Balm is one of the comfortable to use range.  Here’s what I think the plus point: 

    1. Extremely pigmented
    2. Long lasting
    3. Offers 12 full color, ranging from nude to bold
    4. Comfortable and pleasant during use
    5. Liquid Lipstick with a matte finish perfection
    6. Hold up to 18 hours
    7. There is the scent of vanilla mint

    I choose natural shade COMMITED to play with. 

      Here’s some pictures that will show how I play with these beautiful products if you interest to make ombré lips 

      Caution: mature dry chappy lips !! 😅

      First I line my half of my lips with THE ONE YOU NEED 

      Second, I line another half of my lips with FINE ALL OVER 

      THIRD, I drag the colours inside last step, I put the matte lipstick on the center of my lips 
      Here’s the result at the indoor lamp
      Here’s the result under studio lamp, look how vibrant that ombré last one , under forgiving sunlight 

      For me personally taste, I don’t like to use the Korean trend where the nude or natural colour outside and the pop colour on the center of my lips. On my face, that kind of ombré lips makes me look over heating 😅 so I made my own kind of ombré lips. 

      I hope you enjoy this review. 

      And as always, 

      Until the next post. 



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      1. frida furi says:

        ce fanny bibirnya sekseeh xD. keren ya bisa nutup chappy lips o.0

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