Dreaming of Green and Yellow (Althea Box #14)

Quite sometimes I read many reviews and watch YouTube video about this ALTHEA, but still don’t really understand what’s that actually. I only notice it mentions many Korean’s brand in some boxes with very affordable price. 

I don’t really know about Korean Makeup and Skincare. I tried some i love and some I dont even think about it anymore. I don’t hate it but It just doesn’t appeal to me that much to be mentioned or repurchase.

However, I’ve got amazing opportunity from Surabaya Beauty Blogger (SBB) and Althea to review this Althea Box #14.

There’s 7 items inside the box, from skincare to makeup, all items are in their full size and real packaging. 

  1. Skinfood Freshmade Pineaple Mask 
  2. PetitFee Gold EGF Eye & Spot Patch 
  3. Gold Silk Blanklet Mask 
  4. Skinfood Real Pure Cleansing Foam-Refresh 
  5. VDL Color Correcting Primer 
  6. Aritaum Pore Master Sebum Control Powder 
  7. Gram Chemi Banban Mask 

I do feel this is vey affordable and Althea has amazing price for this box. Especially that I don’t have to worry about custom and tax anymore. 

Let’s see the products one by one now…

1. Skinfood Freshmade Pineaple Mask 
Pineaple is well known for their rich anti oxidant. However, in this packaging I only got very limited information,because everything in Korean character languange. 

From their website,

“Mild peeling formula with firm texture revitalizes your skin by removing dead skin cells. Add surge of hydration at the same time for daily use. 

I did use it every evening for 10 days. I don’t see any peeling action in my skin. I use it to prepare my skin before using makeup. It give me hydrated soft skin that my makeup will glide smoothly. 

2. PetitFee Gold EGF Eye & Spot Patch

  It claims as powerful eyepatch with concreate gold essence. 

With Gold, Caviar, EGF and Ginaemg Extract it will intensively moisturize, soothe  and decongest the delicate eye areas. With powerful anti aging ingridients inside , it will face the signs of tiredness and fine lines. 

Suggested to use it during night time for 20-30 minutes, but I don’t bother about the time, when jelly texture of the patch getting dried I dispose it. It does leave my delicate eyes area become more supple than before.

3. Gold Silk Blanklet Mask It Contains egg yolk concretate and Royal Jelly to make your skin even more firm, bouncy and glow from with in. 

Direction to use as in Althea Box #14 details: 

The Gold mask is really fancy, I really enjoy using it. There’s no permanent result from only one time application of this Mask or I could say for any skincare. We need to take care our skin regularly to see the real result. However, it does leave my skin feel so smooth after. 

4. Skinfood Real Pure Cleansing Foam-Refresh 

It looks like ordinary foam cleanser that has white pasta inside the tube packaging. Pleasant green tea smells lingering on my skin for a while. The cleanser Itself doesn’t strip the moisturizer on my skin.

5. VDL Color Correcting Primer 

From all the products inside the box, this is the one I can’t wait to try. My skin has been act weirdly after the hormonal situation of having and delivering twin babies. My skin around nose and mouth becomes red and of course it is bothering me. Thinking to try the correcting  Primer but I am not sure which one to pick. 

I did use this color correcting in some short clips makeup tutorial video on my YouTube channel Fanny Blackrose also at my Instagram @fanny_blackrose kindly check how this corrector performs.

6. Aritaum Pore Master Sebum Control Powder I love this kind of primer powder that filling my pores and helping my fine lines. It does help my makeup glides smoothly and lasting longer than it should.

7. Gram Chemi Banban Mask This sheet mask has two different parts. Green part for the forehead and nose area feels like wet tissue that sticking and become hard when dry. I don’t feel and see the difference much.

The second part, yellow colour, to be used around cheek and chin area, it has different ingredients more like jelly texture. My skin feels so smooth after. 

I am trying to post this mini review as fast as possible cause the beauty box from Althea Korea flying Sold out so fast. 

If you interest trying Korean Skincare and Makeup, best way that you download Althea application. They ship internationally.

Once again, thank you Althea Korea and Surabaya Beauty Blogger for this amazing opportunity.

As always,

Till the next post 



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