Silverswan lash 

One of leading human hair lashes at Indonesia, Silverswan, have collaboration with Surabaya Beauty Blogger, sending through more of their sale items for a good use. 

I personally using this brand for sometimes ago. Their lashes is lightweight and more in the natural finish. Especially comparing with the 3D mink lashes I love to use for special event. 

But at this time, I’ve got an opportunity to try their fullest and most daring pair BlanChard 🖤 together with their bottom lashes that really amp my total look. 

Here’s Blanchard 😍🖤 and bottom lashes and some of my personal own collection of Silverswan lashes. 

For the price point, I could say this is affordable 😊👍

As you see , all the package included one little glue. I literally love this glue and slips it everywhere … my vanity, makeup pouch, wallet, clutch … so useful and travel friendly. I just hope they change the top with screw system to make it easier to open and close. It just a bit messy at the time I am in hurry and need to pop that applicator out from the bottle. 

Kindly check out Silverswan lashes website for more shopping experience, tips and trick using and picking the right falshies. 

The falshies used on this picture above are provided by Silverswan and SBB. 

Thank you for reading

As always , ’till the next post 



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