3INA from Spain

I walk through this store often, since it’s located on Melbourne Central. I never heard about this brand before but look at this colourful display…

I found out later, that’s the array of their nail polish collection. 

Colourful eyeliner, eye pencil, lip liner, lipstick  and many moooreeeee…

More eye products 😍😍😍

I don’t know where to start with this brand. 

In this post I will share few things that I haul from the brand. All the first impression will be up on my YouTube channel Fanny_blackrose shortly. 😊✨

The newest on the display is their eyebrow products, The eyebrow mascara and The eyebrow marker. 

They have 4 shades and I bought 2 of darker shades. I change my hair colour a lot that needs to be adjusting every time I put on some makeup 😊 and eyebrow product is one of the most needed in my daily routine. The eyebrow marker has triangle shape that I love and built in spoile in the other end, which is handy. 

The eyebrow mascara to tame my eyebrow hair and make it fuller with fiber inside. Love the small brush they are using in this type of eyebrow mascara. 

The automatic eye pencil glides smoothly on back of my hand. And I have a chance to let it dry and see how it’s perform. It’s waterproof and budgeproof (at my back of my hand ! ) I will report back later on my YouTube faves in the future. 

And from all the things that I am hauling from the brand, I am really excited with The cream eyeshadow. The color is really stunning (and match my hair colour well 😁). 

 More nude lipsticks are coming on my collection. This is The Longwear Lipstick, it doesn’t dry completely Matte, but it feels comfy on my super chappy and crack lips. 

Their applicator is small and pointy enough for using without any lip liner.

Next is the matte lipstick that won’t go anywhere until I remove it with makeup remover wipes. 
That’s all my little haul 

and as always ,

Till the next post 



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