Samantha Lashes by Huda Beauty

I am lucky enough to find that Sephora Australia 🇦🇺 have Huda Beauty collection at their store and many things are available except their Rosegold Eyeshadow Palette. 

One thing that I notice and mention a lot on my Instagram @fanny_blackrose live and also my post there, makeup here is so expensive compare than Singapore 🇸🇬 and Malaysia 🇲🇾 which is near. 

I grab this famous fake lashes from their collection. It looks like this:

From the look of it, I realize it is very long compare than other drugstore fake lashes. And for sure not the usual type of lashes I would choose to use. But as always i am up for trying something new, why not. I don’t plan, I play 💖✨
From the side it looks like that, just one layer with beautiful messy natural end. At this point I worry if it will look like and feel like drugstore fake lashes since it is AUD 35! 

And the packaging just like that… cardboard cheapy plastic drugstore quality. 

 But who cares for something we will just throw right away after open it … 😁
When I put it on, i amaze that I don’t have to cut the lashes at all, how that even possible?? It looks so big and long earlier! 

It does open my eyes 👀 and  you still can see my eyeshadows there. It feels lightweight. I am using it for the first time today straight for 8hours without any irritation on my sensitive watery eyes.

Will I buy it again? Off course! But not at Sephora Australia. If I had a chance I will grab it somewhere else.

And now I can’t wait to try the other falshies style from this Huda Beauty line. 

Ps.Excuse my lighting, I travel and can’t bring my ring light with me. 

Till the next post. 


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