BLP Lip Coat by Lizzie Parra

I don’t mean to be makeup snob only using… what do you call it? High-end? Luxurious? It comes naturally to me since my young age that I browse in the luxurious makeup aisle and I hooked up with beautiful packaging, colour and beautiful model picture. Never to be one indeed … lol… but everyone can have a dream rite 😊

So now, I have three kids, I cannot travel that much anymore. I am trying to find beauty community here and listening what’s good local brand here.

In my country, makeup is always late one or two season, limited edition never come howsoever … so I need a favor from my friend abroad to help. Thanks to my lovely ladies and Guys 😉✨

After long rumbling, here’s the one I want to talk about today…

  Local brand, name BLP means By Lizzie Parra.

The box is girlie touch of white and pink, just normal one for me who doesn’t crazy about pink colour. But I think it’s lovely enough.

The packaging really catch my eyes! It is stunning for local brand. More than I expected for sure. Frosted glass makes it look expensive, the cap is high quality, not clumsy at all. 👍👍👍 the dove applicator makes the application easy wherever you put it on. Means travel friendly for me and my daily routine to apply on the bumpy road here 😜

That’s her, on the right and me 😊 Her name is Elizabeth Christina and well known as famous makeup artist under brand Lizzie Parra.
She made 8 shades of Lip Coat and I fortunately got 4 of nude shades that I think will be high on my daily rotation.

And here’s the swatch of the 4: after I post on my Instagram, I just know how lucky I am that these even available to grab! It’s been sold out forever and people are looking for it! Whoaaa…

Colour description by their official Instagram account @blpbeauty

  1. Butter fudge: nude lip colour
  2. Peppermint Pink: soft pink
  3. Persimmon Pie: dark mauve
  4. Lavender Cream: cool mellow shade

From the owner herself, she said these lip coats will be available at Sephora Indonesia soon… around March 2017, she is still working on the legal papers.
When I open the tube, i will say I don’t like the smell of it. But FYI, i don’t like many smells that other people like! I do read review and watch YouTube, where I found this brand, saying that they love the smell so much. Like vanilla cupcakes that they even want to lick it. It lingers for sometimes then gone.

I do like the formula, very lightweight, longevity, stay all day long! And the choice of colours 💞✨

I use Peppermint Pink on my lips. I heard it is too pale for some skin tone but for me, I do think it’s lovely nude shade.

For the reference, I am using Mac nc15 or ivory/ porcelain in term of Sisley, lamer TomFord foundation.

I could say that it is one of the best liquid lipstick in the market right now. Not only with local comparison but also worldwide! Big applause for Lizzie and If I have another chance, I will complete my collection of this BLP. I do love it.

Till next post



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