My Avene’s Love Story 

I do not know, how many bottles Avene Thermal Spring Water already, I lost count. I just know, I used it for years, for myself, my families and also my clients. And there’s backups of backups on my makeup pouch, makeup vanity, makeup kit… basically , everywhere. 

That’s summary, how the love story began 😊✨

Thermal water somehow makes skin condition just better. It calms, soothes and soften the skin. I use it everyday, every time when my skin need some TLC ( Tender Loving Care). 

I have skin problem during my hormonal treatment and pregnancy. I have some little dry spot which I dunno what is that. I was looking everywhere for help, cause its itchy and when it happens around my face, it will peel off and my makeup doesn’t want to stay. 

The dry spot starting with red little dot, then it becomes dry, scally and patchy. 

I use Avene Thermal Spring Water to calm it down and reduce the itchiness. But that’s not enough this time. I feel that I need “more” to go straight to the root of the problem. And what’s “more”? I don’t know too! 

I keep looking for more information and I found this Xeracalm A.D Lipid Replenishing Cream through National Rosacea Society webblog. Many peoples said it helps them and cost almost nothing since avenne is a drugstore brand! Wow! 

I run to the nearest drugstore to see if it is already available at my country … but that’s not available yet! ( now you can buy it online through Sociolla and at Jayanata retail store)

Thank you to Clozette Indonesia and also Avenne Indonesia that sending me products to try and review. Ohhh.. nothing easier to tell than personal experience rite? 

That’s what I received. Little handbook that really informative about skin problem that caused itchiness and also how the Avene could help to reduce and heal it. The other thing that I found really amazing is Avene got Hydrotheraphy Center dedicate to skin. 

Les Thermes d’Avène

Les Bains d’Avène


Tel: +33(0)4 67 23 41 87

Fax: +33(0)4 67 23 44 71

You could find more details at Avene Center Website

Even though it’s far away at France, it do think many peoples who suffers from atopic dermatitis, eczema … etc. that already feel hopeless could reach this information and get help. Skin problems most of the time makes low self-esteem and it’s really disturbing. 

Xeracalm A.D lipid-replenishing cleansing oil 

Its a soapfree cleansing base gently cleanses and protects the skin from drying effect of water. It leaves skin comfortable and satiny soft

It does what it says, I could use it all over my face and body for the whole family (including my 4months twin babies). Its fragrance free, doesn’t sting my eyes when I remove my waterproof eyemakeup, gynecological tolerance, after sun treatment, calming flare-up my babies skin. Such ultimate multitasking cleanser for the whole family! Amazing! 

Xeracalm A.D lipid-replenishing cream 

I receive the Cream tube and suit perfectly for my family need. 

The new technology on their packaging that keeps the product stay in a good condition and more control to squeeze amount you need 

ALLURE’s 2016 Best of Beauty Winner: Best Moisturizer for Sensitive Skin! This lipid-replenishing cream directly targets itching, redness and irritation for skin prone to atopic dermatitis and eczema. Formulated without any preservatives, parabens or fragrances, its patented delivery system keeps the cream completely sterile and safe for its entire use. Suitable for infants, children and adults. 

I use it on my dry patches that’s gone after 4 days.

Not only for myself I also using it to combat the irritation on my baby’s back , using it together with thermal water, it’s gone in two days. 

This is the direction of use. I follow it and the result just as I wish for. Use the 

  1. Xeracalm A.D lipid-replenishing cleansing oil 
  2. Avene Thermal Spring Water
  3. Xeracalm A.D lipid-replenishing cream

Last but of course not least, I receive 6 of Avene Micellar Lotion  

I know it’s only 5 on my picture, one Boyle already on my makeup bag to travel cause I really use it! 


  • 3-in-1 cleanser, toner and make-up remover
  • Effectively removes all traces of make-up on face, eyes and lips
  • No-rinse formula
  • Restores hydrolipidic barrier
  • Softens the skin

It does all it promised. Big applause for this cleanser. The size, simple packaging, price, ingredients and how it really works wonder of removing my budge proof makeup, my skin feeling super Fresh after, ready to remove the skincare after. 

I couldn’t say thank you enough for Avene Indonesia and Clozette Indonesia for this opportunity. 

And I do hope that my review could be useful. 

Until the next post 



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