Dinoplatz Cinema City (CC Concealer)

Too Cool for School is a Korean Brand. I am really excited to review this Creamy CC cream and Concealer attached to the cap of the tube. 

This line has such a creative and unique packaging. 

And I like that it has expired date there but however, it said better use for 12 months after opening. The further description on the packaging  are written in Bahasa Indonesia.

This product is free of phthalate, GMO, acrylamide, tar color, benzophenole, steroid or animal derived ingredients. 

This CC Cream claims to moisturize skin, helping to soften the skin from the look of pores and wrinkles. 

They do it with infused Argan Oil, Apricot Oil, Niacimide, Adenosine and Alaska Mineral Water. 

There’s other variant of these product:

The other thing that’s different is the product that attached to the cap. Pink for highlighter, coral red for blush and the other is concealer, we will discuss about. 
The consistency is pretty thin and spread easily to cover large area with small tiny amount. It applies moist and sets to a satiny matte which feel nothing on my skin. 

I do research thing before buying or reviewing thing. I concern about review that said it will cling to dry patches and emphasize  it. 

I have some problematic area on my skin, which is around my  mouth and the side of my nose. That’s the oily part and also very dry at the same time. So it will be best to try it directly and let’s see how it works. 

I prep my skin with : Egg Mousse Soap Facial Cleanser

And I apply Egg Mousse Pack Mask

To prep my skin.

Here I am using my palette and damp beauty blender to apply it.Bare skin, with Dinoplatz Cinema City CC cream and concealer and last one, I set it with powder, highlighter and some eyebrow off course 😁

However, I don’t find this product giving white cast or cling onto my dry skin. It just glide smoothly on my skin and add some moisturizer too. The coverage is buildable with the concealer to make it even more flawless. 

Some also complaining the shade of the cc cream. There’s only one shade for this cc cream and I find it’s brightening my complexion just perfect. However, I do think it will not suit for darker skin tone. For concealer, it just kind of matching the cc cream shade, complementing for more flawless result. 

I try it for 3 days, during hot, humid and rainy days on my tropical weather, for no makeup makeup style until full face on. It stays 4 hours before I need to do any touch up. 

My conclusion, this product will be perfect for daily use. For quick everyday makeup, for student until easy quick office makeup, for traveling, for after gym session… just simple, easy to carry and use.

And if you haven’t so sure yet, let’s see this product in action Dinoplatz Cinema City In action . 

Flawless result with minimum effort. 



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