Sisley Phyto-EyeTwist

Hello again beauty lover, this November starts tempting me with more skincare infused on makeup products. It’s interesting how technology makes it works for us and I am thankful for that. 

This is my first experience, attending local event with the brand. Happen accidentally, I was looking for the new Sisley’a foundation. Checking if they already arrived here. And very welcoming BA was offering this event to me. 

I always happy to see professional makeupartist working, especially from Paris! My imagination goes far for The chaos of Paris Fashion Week haha! 

During the event, Alexandre Colaianni was using this Phyto-Eye Twist, applying to the random model ( thumbs up for this!) which is mature woman with mature skin with some moderate problems (wrinkles and dark spots).

Right away, this Phyto-Eye Twist steals my attention. While the other busy following the instruction for making “soft smokey eye” , I am checking the Sisley’s website about this product.

After all the natural beneficial  skincare we apply, we don’t want to put disadvantaged chemical on top of it, that’s the key behind all the Sisley’s makeup line. Interesting isn’t it? And here’s what is inside the Phyto-Eye Twist:

I am so happy to read this and… some on my hand 😁I need to experience it myself, rite?  From all 12 shades available, here’s what I’ve got 

  1. Topaze – light brown 
  2. Bronze – brown 
  3. Khaki – moss green
  4. Steel – grey
  5. Lagoon – ocean blue 
  6. Marine – dark blue 
  7. Havana – dark brown 
  8. Black diamond – black with glitter
  9. Pearl – highlight shade
  10. Amethyst – gen purple colour 
  11. Copper – brown with golden sparks 
  12. Emerald – gem green colour 

Said it’s multifunction :I am using some of these Phyto-Eye Twist to make My kind of smokey Eyes which I believe it is not soft 😁✨ but that’s how I like it. I am using 4.steel with my finger as base, 6.Marine and diamond on my eyelid. I also use 10. Black diamond on my waterline, uppertight and blending my false lashes with my eyeshadow. 

I have issue with my sensitive watery eyes. Most of the time, I ended up with blank spot on my outer corner of right eye. I want to test how waterproof is this Phyto-Eye Twist. I am using it for 5 hours and it is true, when it sets, it stays! 

The packaging wise also allow me to bring and touch up during the day. It’s very easy to use and carry on.Two thumbs up for that 👍👍

It says only could make XXL eyeliner. With the help of angled brush or even with cotton bud, hello sharp wing liner ✔️.

Nothing I will complain about this product, even with 50usd price tag, a little goes along way. 

I put this on my makeup pouch. Testing if I could put this up to my HG item 😊 I will repot back if that so.

See u in the next post 



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