La Mer ‘The Powder’ Brush 

‘Thousands of soft-touch bristles help this generously proportioned powder dust on air-light’

I saw it first at fellow youtuber Jeffreestar. If you are watching beauty or makeup video, guess you know him already. The controversy behind it…not my biz 😁 He is skillful and sometimes i found he is using luxury makeup I love to hoard 😅

Second, I see my lovely friend on Instagram, Leanne , @loveforskincare also post a picture of it. 😍

And I feel that I have to have it after. The makeup brush lover’s euphoria off course. It’s big, fluffy, white and … eh… synthetic ?? And it cost $80 … uh .. oh… should I splurge or not… will it worth?

I’ve got it from Nordstrom in the middle of nite, on my timezone. Why not? I haven’t giving myself any birthday present 🎁 and it’s La Mer! Trusty brand for so long. Won’t be selling crappy things, finger crossed. 

I buy it together with the foundation, that I will review after I play with it.

When it comes … I can’t wait to open it 😁 and it made my night 😁✨

I concern about how lightweight of the box. Usually bigger brush got more weight than this… If you like the feeling of ‘luxurious weight’ on your hand when applying makeup, maybe you won’t like this brush. 

Here’s the size comparison with my other ‘big boys’ makeup brushes  for the price comparison: 

  • Marc Jacob The Bronze – Bronzer Brush no.12 is $78
  • La Mer The Powder Brush is $80
  • Tom Ford bronzer brush is $115
  • Waynegoss Brush 00 is $85

This La Mer The Powder  is definitely a versatile, luxurious brush that gently spreads the powder on the skin and I believe it will adapt according to the desired opacity i want to get as end result. 
However, I was planning to use this brush for my Guerlain Meteroites pearls (not for new La Mer powder that I don’t buy). Every time I am in rush, everyday case! 😛 I swirl out a pearl or two from meteorite’s tin, and that’s not cool at all. 😅 I am hoping,this brush will be big enough to cover the entire tin, so I could swirl it without worry any pearls jump out anymore. 

And It does work wonder! As I wish 💖

If you like big brushes and still looking for great buddy to play with, you will love this. 

Note: I haven’t deep washing this brush and I read that some brushes shredded badly. Hopefully mine isn’t. But i will keep you update about it. 



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  1. Such gorgeous brushes 😍😍

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