VOV MaxMini Cushion (Moist & Cover)

I know this brand for long time ago, when they first come to my country, 10 or 11 years ago. Just small pop up counter with very limited selection of product.

 At that time I was younger, my skin was easier to work with.I was using VOV foundation powder only. I remember its pink packaging,fine miled texture and smells so good. My first powder foundation I believe.  And It makes very happy as long as I remember.

So when Clozette asks if any ambassador want to review the new VOV cushion, oh YES … I am ON in it. Very happy could participate ❤️ Thank You Clozette ❤️

Here’s the picture of both product side by side:

Both cushions come with mirror, antibacterial puff, contain 15gr of products and it’s refillable and there’s expired date of each product. 

Packaging of Moist got hologram sticker that blink beautifully on camera, Cover slightly more muted. But don’t worry, you can always check on the bottom of the cushion. 

Its really travel friendly!

The other thing that very important for me, it’s SPF 50++.

And now let’s jump to the MaxMini Moist Cushion first:

From the website I found that Maxmini Moist Cushion contains water more than 50% that will be moisturizing skin all day long and giving watery healthy lumination. 

There’s 2 shades available no. 21 ( which I’ve got) and no.23. On their website, no.21 looks like more pink undertone and no.23 more yellow undertone and slightly darker. 

I use no.21 and it’s really comfortable, glide and blend easily, sheer to medium coverage, foolproof application, I could say. Brightening my skin, but too dewy for my liking. It’s easily fixed up by using light powder. 

I do need concealer for my under eyes and problematic area around my mouth and side of my nose. I use it straight 10hours without touching up, blotting and powdering, and I should say it does great job as they promise. 

Here’s some picture when I check in during the days …

Under direct sunlight, after 2 hours 

indoor at mall, after 4 hours …and after 10hours , I am back at home, I found acceptable shinny around my T-zone and dewyness on my cheekbone.

DAY 2 with Maxmini Cover Cushion

I also get no.21 for this Maxmini Cover Cushion which is definitely too light for my liking, but it helps me to get Korean makeup look 👌🏼😁 it comes with more selection of color , 21 Light Beige, 23 Natural Beige, 33 Medium Skin and 43 Healthy Skin.

This is the no. 21 from both Moist and Cover side by side to give you idea about the color range. Hope it helps if you do online shopping like me. 

Left Moist , Right Cover

It says “Weightless high coverage cushion gives the skin the perfect and velvet…” 

They look the same on the pan but I believe they put more pigment on this product. On my YouTube video,you can see, my heavy hand puts too much product on the first swipe. Also very easy to correct the mistake since it glides smoothly and very buildable until full coverage.

It moisturized my skin well even on my problematic dry flaky skin area. I could say it helps to put my makeup together beautifully. I just need little help of concealer to make it more even flawless. 

I was very busy , no touching up however after 10hours it looks like this Up close to my problematic area 

I prefer this high coverage as my skin is not young anymore. From acceptable distance I believe people won’t see the flakiness. That’s wrap up my review of VOV Maxmini Cushion 

You can see this VOV Maxmini Cushion in action in here

Hoping to be more active here and my YouTube Chanel. It’s really hard to squeeze my schedule to get some “me time”with 3 boys 👶👦👶 now. 
I am blessed mom ,



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