I’ve been walking through this store several times, but how fool I am I thought it was stationary store … Hahaha… 

Check this design interiors of the store ne don’t judge me 😜

 Here’s some pic and swatch i try to draft and post long time ago. I will have another post about deeper review about their mask and cleanser. Stay tune 😘💋   
Actually it’s a cosmetic and skincare brand from Korea. And I was looking for BB Chushion or CC cushion that I found usually cute packaging and great formula from such many Korean Brand. But too bad, that one is not best seller from this specific brand. I found it hard to blend and cracking during my swatch. Haish…. 

Not giving up yet, I browse other things that looks very cute every each of it. 

  I browse their skincare range and pick up some mask sheets that I am happy to travel with. Let me know if you interest in the deeper review of it. 


Shown at pic, pumpkin mask that you can leave it overnight, smells so good… It’s also organic, the Beauty Advisor said its best seller and perfect for sensitive even acne prone skin. 


That packaging of CC cream with 50+ Sunblock tho 🙀 really eye catching.  




Some of their lip products 💋  



 I see this product is new at yet available at my country, Indonesia. That’s good!


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