Tom Ford Midnight Sea – One Face So Many Products 


Today I post this on my Instagram account @fanny_blackrose , guess I never mention it here before. Surprise me that so many beauty lover like it. Yes, some of it is the newest summer 2015 collection and some older trusty picks from my stash. 

By years, I am building my collection ( a.k.a. wall of Tom Ford Makeup) to be honest I just collect one full drawer of it, and I already setting up new room only for my makeup collection now. way too many? Oh no! Never get enough… 😁

While I am standing  in the centre of the room, I am thinking… Some of girl need a walking wardrobe, the other needs shoes room… And I guess this is what I need ❤️✨

The Star of my makeup today is Midnight Sea from Tom ford. I do love the cream formula combines beautifully with the teal sparkling glitter. The end result just flattering my new hair colour 💙✨ 

 Mufe new primer, I bought the smoothing one to fill my wrinkles and make my skin ready for the foundation and contouring application. 

Hourglass Bronzer , light hand is needed! I will  turn to orange if not carefull. 

Dior serum and mascara, the combination of it is aweeeee… 

Tom Ford cream blush, He needs to give us morreeeeee colour to collect instead of only one pink. The formula of this cream blush is Bomb! 

Makeup brushes , TomFord , Surrat, Hakuhodo… Guess it is little difficult to explain it one by one here. Better to see it in action. My YouTube channel “fanny_blackrose” will “describe” it better than any words can type here.

Mac eyeshadow, no need to ask about the quality, but u need to know, it’s so freaking cute grey-ish 9 eyeshadows palette. Perfect for travel companion or just daily makeup pouch citizen. 

Surrat, the small counter at Takashimaya Level 3 … Not only small counter, it just very tiny display counter that I almost miss it, even it just 2 steps away from where I ask for it! These gorgeous stuff need bigger and more stock in the Singapore for sure. Love the quality of it. 

I think that’s all for the Makeup of The Day ‘s rumbling session from me. 

Hope I could be more productive here. But … I always late for the party…. 

Note. Late for the party of makeup launching as always… It makes me lazy reviewing things anymore here. But Hey… Some of you keep asking “how” “what” ” why”… 💖💋🔱✨ Thank You so much for all the support… 


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