Hakuhodo S Series (my 6 picks) 

How I love makeup products,nothing can beat incredible feeling about swiping luxurious makeupbrush Against your skin ❤️✨

 Here, I want to share my experience with 6 brushes I pick from the S100 Vermillion series. When I choose these 6, I want do full makeup without carrying another brush on my travel days. Everybody for sure, will have different opinion, depends their makeup rituals and end results they want to achieve. 
S100 Vermillion Brush Range is the flagship range of Hakuhodo. The stunning orange handle is made of wood colored in rich vermillion, a traditional Japanese color. The brass ferrule is 24-karat gold plated with clear coating.
My first thought, do I really need to splurge on the gold coating ferrule and orange vermillion colour? It seems ridiculous from the efficient and financial sight 😅😂


The price for this brush series slightly higher than the other series from Hakuhodo brand. Which later I am glad I made decision to pick it up. When you have big range of makeup brushes, stunning handle is easy to recognize. Gold ferrule clear coated makes sure easy to wash and clean up without changing colour to brashy one at the end of the day. I tend to wash my brushes after every travel time, it could be once a week to once a month, depends how much time I play with makeup and how dark the colour i use. 

However I use all the brushes only to play with powder form makeup. I travel with beauty blender for all the liquid and creamy base products. It’s efficient and travel friendly. 

From the Hakuhodo website you can find more important details such provided hair, brush length, hair length and hair thickness. 

Is it really important to be provided there? Yes , for online shopper like me,I need to make sure I spend on the brush that suited the size of my face or even more specific like the space of my eyelids.

Let’s start with my picks 😊✨

1.S103 describe as Blush Brush Tapered 

It’s describe as a blush brush but I also use it for contouring, highlight and swipe all over my face with setting powder. I work with darker shade first to lighter shade. Don’t worry, it works well for me. I don’t turn orange or darker complexion with that method 😁 I don’t even swipe to clean it up.


 2. S125 Eyeshadow Brush Round & Angled 

I want to try the Canadian Squirrel Hair! That’s the first thought across in my mind when I grab this brush. It has very unique shape in my opinion and I don’t have it in my collection yet. 


When you look closer, it almost mimicking your pinky finger and it works the same 😁 in my experience with it.  

 I can use it to deposit colour on my inner corner that brighten up my total eye look. 

The other application I specificly looking for this brush, is placing it under my brow bone with my eyes open and start deposit transition colour. It works many times easier when I am in rush and can’t up close with my lovely mirror. The line result will give me guidance to finish the rest of my eye makeup on that day. What?! 😿 guess some pics down below will clarify what I am trying to explain with my limit English vocabulary 😜😁 


3. S127 Eyeshadow Brush Round and Flat

The common eyeshadow brush that everyone already has on their stash I bet. Why I need to splurge specific one on this luxury series? Beside the common application all over my eyelid with single eyeshadow, the brush with It’s Canadian squirrel hair giving possibilities to deposit colour that deepen my made cut crease and soften it without loosing the intensity (muddy). Blending on the straight line, hope it makes sense.

It’s very helpful with my eyeshape and mostly asian type of eyes that love to play with cut crease.  


4. S142 Eyeshadow Brush Round  

  I like to use this brush to deposit colour on the outer V corner of my eyes and blending it in to inside edge of the eyes. 

  5. S146 Eyeshadow Brush Round

This brush is bigger version of the earlier brush we talk to deposit colour. Only for blending purpose. I like to keep it clean all the time. 


6. S162 Eyebrow Brush Angled  

Multifunction brush ❤️ for shaping my eyebrow, lining eyeline and give underline.  

That’s my 6 picks from the Hakuhodo S series. I hope this post can help you to decide which one to pick. Since everything look so good. Yes, I want it all if possible 😊✨ someday …


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