My Love & Hate with Nars Beauty 

Few years back, when I was in Hong Kong , for the first time I try to reach Limited Rdition Eyeshadow palette from Nars. 

It was very attractive palette on the display and the experience at boutique wasn’t very nice. It seems high end brand doesn’t like young customer that doesn’t have money much to spend 😛

Ahh… That’s old story…

Nowdays the boutique is nice and also the customer service is difference ( or cause now I am old enough 😜 ) 

Recently, on my last trip I bought  

 The new hip, Nars All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation ( Siberia match me perfectly) and everybody loves, Nars Light Reflecting Pressed Setting Powder  😍 I grab it without thinking and trying. I really rely on your opinion friends 😁 

And off course back up of my Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer (not photograph here) 

First about the Foundation, it promise one pump for natural looking coverage, lightweight that last 16 hours. 

My experience on the windy spring weather of Europe, my skin starts peel off slightly here and there during the shock of changing drastic temperature, the foundation does accentuate all the dry patches, not only the the peel off skin but also all the pores around my nose area which I don’t know I have it. 

Then I try another way to use it, I mosturized well my skin, then I mix The foundation with primer , voila ! ❤️✨ it works ❤️✨ 

Inside room   Due the highly pigment inside, I feel far away from natural looking 😁 and I need more than one pump (maybe I have too large chubby face that consume so much foundie compare to young lovely model as a standard 😅)  need to use another products to make my face looks alive,but it does lightweight and shine free at that moment. 

Outdoor lighting   Under sunlight  

 Hope you can see how high coverage it is due high pigment contained. 

I am okay with the foundation, but I won’t buy another botle or backups. 😁 The packaging hits my nerve with all the sticky foundie 😅

Second, I will give little though on Nars Light Reflecting Pressed Setting Powder  

 I complain about how dirty and hard to clean it 😅 but I love how sturdy and it feels on my touch.  But I guess u know it already, the don’t change the packing for longest time 😁

The product itself reminds me of sparkling snow under sunshine, so pure ⬜️❄️⛄️❄️⬜️ its a bit hard to get the product on my brush. It does coming with sponge but I don’t fancy to use it. 

  On my skin , it doesn’t disappear and definitely not translucent. 

It promises weightless, soft matte finish that looks luminious in any light. It does everything except matte on my skin, but it does beautiful job, nothing bad about it. 

I love how the white luminescent brighten my under eye and keeps Nars radiant creamy concealer stay in place ❤️ and more love for glowing and blur all the wrinkles I have there ❤️ 

So yes, I will use it when my fave Hourglass Ambient Light disappear from my reach again❄️😊 

That’s my thought on products I bought. My skin condition is different with yours, it could be very personal experienced on difference skin ❄️


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