Eye Tint from Giorgio Armani 

I’ve been trying to limit my spend on new beauty or makeup items that cause my vanity exploded with products 😁✨

From my last travel, I try to pick wisely instead fulfill my long wishlist, I pick one from giorgio Armani eye tint collection. Even tho number 10 Sensi is very popular, instead I pick number 8 Flannel.  

For once , I have a good few days on the dance training (means sweating) to give it a good experienced the product. 

I see it on the Giorgio Armani Womenswear spring/summer 2015 and I love it. 

The liquid formula transfers to solid within minute on my eyelid and it does stays whole day long. It said 16 hours, I tried 22hours flight 😅 and it still there, not creasing and moving whatsoever. 

  And I come back for more on the next trip  

love the packaging and applicator so much. I do my makeup on the go most of the time, travel friendly is highly preferred on my side.  

 Some swatching for you if you haven’t see it in another place 😊 grab and enjoy ❤️✨ 



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