Caudalie Premier Cru

I’ve got one sachet from sephora during my haul last time. Another haul I mean, I do shop a lot when I’ve got a chance 😅 and always forget to post review and more feedback a after.
But this Caudalie not one thing easily to forget.
Only one little sachet that contain 2ml, I can use it generously for whole face and neck 4times. And that’s enough time for me to get the “WOW” effect 😁✨
These few months, during my fertility treatment to get another baby, my hormonal situation make my T-zone peel off yet oily. If only you can imagine how stressful it is.
I was trying several serum, mask and moisturizer but nothing really bring me back the plump of fresh well hydrated skin.
This little sample from Caudalie Premier Cru does bring back my well hydrated T-zone and little bit oily on the rest of my face that I don’t mind at all.
Grab from sephora web, this product promise to:

20140612-050729-18449310.jpgand I think they really made it.
Full size if this product which 158usd and their eye cream is on the way and waiting someone kindness to bring it back for me. 👏😁✨
Have you try it? Share your experience with me here. 😉✨


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  1. Hi I came across your blog and I think it is stunning. I am just starting out so maybe you could check out my blog and tell me what you think?

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