Acrylic Makeup Organizer

Today, finally I have a chance to sit down calmly in my vanity area. It was a big mess supporting my tight schedule this weekend.
Usually I put back everything I use before running out. But one of my acrylic makeup organizer is broke down! Yeah…. 😅
Since I have some from different quality, I want to share some. Maybe could help you when you want to buy acrylic organizer.

20140504-153733.jpg Basically the acrylics has glued together to hold acrylic drawer provided. Which should be strong and neat in good quality one.
Shown the messy one that broke down! 😭

20140504-155509.jpg more picture for showing the difference of quality you should look for when you want to buy one. The thickness of the acrylic itself.

20140504-160120.jpg showing silicone or rubber stopper that provided in the base of the acrylic organizer from slipping from your vanity. I found this stopper very useful when you plan to stack your organizer.

Last but not least, you have to check how sharp is the opener whole part. You can see clearly how sharp the one up, that could cut deep my knuckle mostly in the rush hour. 😅😭
Hope this post could be useful for you who want to make purchase of Acrylic organizer.
It should be make our life easier, not cutting you 😅😁✨


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