Waynegoss face set

When I start watching beauty chanel on YouTube, I found almost everything I am looking for a review, gossmakeupartist pop up
In the highest list of recommendations . Since that I stick with his short, sharp and honest opinion to buy almost everything online.
When the first collection makeup brush launch, I missed the pre-order batch and it out of stock for long time. So… When I received it I don’t excited as much to take picture or write anything about it anymore.

20140405-094852.jpg in the earlier picture I share 6 of makeup brushes in the face set, confirm from the softest natural goat hair I found so far.
Slightly different “waynegoss” print? Emboss? Not sure how to describe it, just refer to the picture. Hope you can see the comparison between brush number 1 (in the collection set) and brush number 10 (in the face set).
It is same white goat hair I believe with some synthetic bristle on the brush number 10 (bigger version) stippling brush.
I use it and I haven’t clean it up. That’s why it’s not all white in the picture shown. 😁



Showing you measurement in centimeter. I hope it will help Makebrush lover like me when have no chance to see the real stuff before buy it.
I always wondering how long is the handle, how big is that brush and I am lost in guessing. I really wish to see that in the exact measurement.
I cannot justice how big and how small is that brush when the comparison is other brushes I don’t have in my little collection. Sometimes even with the picture of owner picture. Cause our face skin surface and bone contour is different.
Different size will work for other part and sizing in my amateur opinion. 😁

last but no least, I want to show the comparison of the famous brush number 2 that been fave so many makeup brush lover to , waynegoss holiday limited edition brush (the biggest one in the picture and brush number 14 in the face set.
Hope it useful for others 😘💋
Happy weekend everyone ❤️



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