Lizlisa Blush

Sold by its beautiful rose packaging 🌸

Packaging is very sturdy and good to go. If you ever think that it is easy to break.


20140209-003631.jpgas you can see, everything write in Japan language, except the Made in Japan 😳 which I have no idea at all, what is all about.
If you can read, you can go to their website (everything also in Japan Character ) (dunno why, wordpress doesng allow me to link 😅)

20140209-004121.jpgif you love to shop online like I do, since I have no choice to fulfill make makeup madness 😅 want to show you how beautiful glittery it is.

20140209-004241.jpgbut don’t worry it will make your cheek like a disco ball, the strong glitter just sprayed on the top. It is gone after one swipe of my fingers.

20140209-004349.jpgthe pigmentation is goooddddd 💘
My conclusion, it is beautiful product, with amazingly stunning packaging and … It is pricey 😁✨
Will I collect the packaging? YES
Will I collect the makeup? NO
I am sure I can find dupe. 😊
Hope it helps and enable my blog trader to try more Japanese makeup 😉😘❤️✨


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Mey says:

    May i ask where do you buy this lizlisa blush? I really love those packaging.. Thank youu

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