Les Merveilleuses Laduree Pressed Cheek Color 03

As joining the hip around Instagram, I am dying to try stuff from this Laduree’s brand , which is very difficult to buy also.
It is available online Laduree cosmetics official website but shipping only within japan address.
Not sure why it is so difficult to get and only sold at Japan, since it has France /Paris print and language everywhere.
It just launch at Sephora Paris this month, got the information from when I am googling around about the brand.
Is that true? Don’t have chance to go at this moment 😁✨ maybe makeup lover who read this live in Paris could give me more feedback? 😊 would love to know.

20140208-230357.jpghope you can see the little “Paris”. 😊
I don’t dare to buy online if not everybody rave about it. The packaging looks so girlie, beautiful and made from plastic! Which I have lots of experience found cheapy crappie plastic packaging 😅 but this is far away from that.


20140208-231109.jpgtry my best to capture how beautiful made this beauty, hope you can see how good it is. Shimmery broken white combine with muted gold and emblishement beautiful lady portrait circled with little dot, no sharp end or messy cut around.
Acceptable soft brush coming with the case is more plus side.
However the case is made in Taiwan.

20140208-231649.jpgit sold separately from the cheek blush itself.



20140208-231905.jpgas you can see, I point little sticker to stick it to the case which I don’t attempt to use. Due the high price and how difficult to import that, I plan to buy more refill and put in nicely on my z-pallete, just using the case for short traveling only. Seems happy plan for me. Hope I could shop wisely in the future 😅

20140208-232209.jpgeven the refill is well packaged. 👌

20140208-233354.jpgthe finely milled blush is made in Japan.

20140208-233658.jpgand here’s the swatch of pressed cheek color 03. Slightly different color from the web. Be prepared if you shop online like me 😊✨
I love mine and want to collect more.


20140208-233928.jpgusing it combines with tomford terra bronzer and gold dust. On my eyebrow, makeup forever aquabrow 25.
Thank you for reading my rumbling 💖


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  1. Love your eye brow!!

    1. Thank you beautiful 😊

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