TSUYA youthful radiance generator essence from Shu Eumura

20140127-185016.jpg I bought it last year, not new anymore but I need times to use it careful to give review.
Before this I was using religiously my YSL I review earlier.
Both working as an essence that help our skin to regenerate itself.
TSUYA using :
💟rhamnose : penetrates deeply to reactivate the skin’s youth power switch. it serves to boost cell regeneration and provides significant improvement in all fundamental skin layers to achieve ideal skin.
💟enjoy flower : “enju” meaning longevity in japanese, is well known for its powerful live force.
Source: shu eumura Sg
It promises to reactive your skin’s youth in 7 days to porcelain-fine, petal-soft, translucent glowing skin.
Isn’t it WOW 😱
Tempted to try , I grab while I was transit at DFS changi airport, Singapore in a set.


Applicator and texture of the essence really similar to YSL, just the packaging shorter which I like. Even the YSL looks very tall, slim and beautiful in white, it is easily drop cause the small diameter of the base. (The only downside from the YSL).
Back to TSUYA, I apply it morning time

Combine it with

The combination gives subtle glow to my skin all day long , without being oily at my t-zone area.

My skin acts at this time, after back from sunny windy Australia’s summer. Tried to apply primer, foundation, and lip primer, doesn’t work well. You can see how crappy my lip texture, hardly put color on 😅 but my skin got back up instantly with TSUYA 😊👍 totally love it.
More Shu Eumura coming to review, stay tune 😘❤️


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