Holika Holika Wine Theraphy Sleeping Mask (Red Wine)

K-Pop is booming at my country and all over the world. Bringing out the new trend of flawless fair asian skin to the makeup world, with doll big eyes.
I found one brand new shop here, Holika Holika Holika websiteand sold by their very cute packaging and decent smell.

20140109-141023.jpg I was looking for night cream that easy to use (not long preparation) without greasy feeling in the morning and must a good calming smell.
It describe as “Anti wrinkle sleeping pack that makes your skin smooth and resilient with shape memory moisture membrane of red wine.
How to use it “on cleaned and toned face at night apply the appropriate amount and lightly tap to absorb it, the go to bed. Next morning rinse it off with warm water
I use it as directed and I love my skin when I wake up in the morning 💖😊
Also Caution in the box, for external use only. Keep out of reach of children. Do not use on hurt or abraded skin. Avoid contact with eyes.
Here I post the gel texture that looks like Jelly

20140109-142609.jpg it does smells good and yummy texture that children might consume it, not only your children I guess. Adult also can be fool by this one 😁 I do store it inside my refrigerator to get more pleasant feeling when I apply it, off course with big ❌POISON❌ sticker on. 😁
It’s worth the price on my opinion. I will give ❤️❤️❤️ from 5hearts.


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