YSL Forever Light Creator Skintone Corrector Serum

I bought this serum from Neiman Marcus for $180

It claims:
“The first Skintone Corrector Serum by Yves Saint Laurent, Forever Light Creator integrates the exclusive Glycanactif™ complex and helps correct the appearance of uneven skintone by acting on dark spots, uniformity, clarity and radiance.
Instantly, skin looks more luminous, its texture refined. Over time, color imperfections—dark spots and redness—look visibly reduced, skintone recovers its clarity and evenness.”

When I buy this serum, there’s beauty offers, bundling gift with purchase. The white Leather YSL makeup pouch is amazing! 😍✨❤️ and the freebies inside , sample of eye cream , pencil eyeliner and another samples ( I cannot remember and forget to take picture 😅) I just cannot miss the offer. 😊

20131105-191901.jpg beautiful glowing serum.

20131105-200349.jpgI take some pictures from my bare skin on day 1, day 4 and day 7.
I am happy enough with the result . Hope you can see the difference.
The only thing, need to be carefull , the glass packaging is easy to fall down. 😁


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