Inglot Colorplay Summer Collection 2013 Eyeshadow

This cruelty free beauty brand is not available on my country and also this Colorplay collection is not coming in Asia, I don’t know the reason behind that.

I love this colorful collection. I was so tempted by seeing all the images and review from other beauty bloggers around Europe and Australia where this collection is available.

20130825-103921 PM.jpg

Part of the Freedom System collection. For my reader who is new with Inglot, it has empty palette and lots of choice single eyeshadow and blush, going you freedom to customize your own palette to suit you needed.

This time, I feel they arrange beautiful and perfect shade already, so I bought like the original version.

20130825-104428 PM.jpg
It comes across from Australia. My friend bring it back for me, together with colorful eyeliner pencil from the same collection (i will swatch and review it later) and beautiful matching ring šŸ˜‰āœØ

20130825-104639 PM.jpg
Each Rainbow Eye Shadow comes with a gradient of three colors (light, med and dark). In the palette pictured above, you can see 131 (orange shades), 132 (pink shades), 133 (plum shades), 134 (blue shades) and 135 (green shades).

Swatch it with and without flash. You can see the straight line in middle of the swatch, that with and without the primer.

I love 135 and 134, the pigmentation is good enough on my skin. The other 3, 131,132,133, the lightest shade , I hardly seen the color in the first application, when I use it heavily, it starts chalky and powdery. But the middle and darkest shade is going smooth and blend easily like other lovely shadows from Inglot.

Updating more picture from the eyeliner collection:

20130909-085843 PM.jpgthis picture is using flash.

20130909-090008 PM.jpgin this picture, without flash.

Taking all the picture from my iphone5 which I think handy to do this job.

Eyeliner from this collection is glide smoothly, easy to blend, I set it up with colorplay Inglot eyeshadow and using it up to 10hours, doesn’t smudge neither bleed.

I think it is a bit late to review this summer collection, but I just so happy to receive it at last šŸ˜

Hope you can enjoy as much as I do.šŸ˜‰


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