Tomford Beauty Traceless Foundation SPF15

Tom Ford Beauty
Traceless Foundation SPF15, got 30ml product. I am using Pale Dune shade, one pump for entire face which just disappear like my own skin, just better off course.
Micronized pigments deliver seamless and undetectable coverage that is easy to build up or sheer down.

20130822-095644 PM.jpg
The packaging so good, luxurious feeling when you touch and carry it.

20130822-095823 PM.jpg
I am using my tomford makeup brush number 2 to apply this foundation.

20130822-100752 PM.jpg
This unique, three-in-one foundation promises to deliver a balanced complexion that glows with vitality and radiance.

20130822-094818 PM.jpg
It is Extremely lightweight and luminous, gives the most natural looking on my face without making paler or vampire looking that happened most of the time ( my problem finding right foundation).

20130822-095125 PM.jpg

The Beauty advisor who helped me to pick the right shade told me about Tom Ford Infusing Complex infuses skin with a potent combination of specially selected nutrients that help skin stimulate its natural repair mechanisms and help protects skin.
By helping skin cells replenish their natural energy, it fundamentally rejuvenates the complexion, so it looks and feels brighter, fresher and less tired. High-performing antioxidants help protect the skin, creating a vital-looking face.
it will make my skin left looking renewed, resilient and smoother.

Use it only today, will keep you update how’s the result after sometimes.


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