Hakuhodo Kokutan Travel Size

20130725-075834 AM.jpg
This travel size comes with leather pouch. The main reason I bought this series. I love leather so much. Shimmery champagne golden soft leather, brown leather lining and brass metal. Pouch Size:L4.5″ x W3.2″ x H2.0″ Color: Champagne Gold & Chocolate Brown. I cannot resist 🙌😍✨

20130725-093646 AM.jpg

20130725-093701 AM.jpg

20130725-093724 AM.jpg I think the little label “hakuho.do” is very cute 😉

20130725-093948 AM.jpg the brushes come with matching golden shimmery hard paper at behind, individual cover plastic for each brush and another clear plastic to wrap them together.

20130725-094256 AM.jpg this one is the largest brush on the set.

From the hakuhodo official website, here’s the details of each brushes:
Details of the set:
■Cheek Brush Hair:Blue Squirrel Hair Length:1.2″ Full Length:3.5″
■Eye Shadow Brush (for base) Hair:Blue Squirrel Hair Length:0.8″ Full Length:3.3″
■Eye Shadow Brush(for eyehole) Hair:Pine Squirrel & Canada Squirrel Hair Length:0.5″ Full Length:2.9″
■Eye Shadow Brush(for liner) Hair:Blue Squirrel & Horse Hair Length:0.4″ Full Length:2.9″
■Eye Shadow Brush(for liner) Hair:Weasel Hair Length:0.25″ Full Length:2.9″
■Eye Blow Brush Hair:Water Budger Hair Length:0.24″ Full Length:2.7″
■Lip Brush Hair:Weasel & Polyester Hair Length:0.5″ Full Length:2.9″

20130725-102815 AM.jpg this picture also coming from the official website.

20130725-102928 AM.jpg actual brush size.
It is extremely short in my opinion. For me, I love short handle makeup brushes and the quality of the brushes just amazing.
Definitely, it is not recommended for you who loves the long handle one.

20130725-103622 AM.jpggives you picture when this brush in action, comparing with my face and tomford eyeshadow palette.


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