Sugarpill Burning Heart Palette


This is my first look I made using my sugarpill burning heart palette


The beautiful combination, very colourfull, and it is very pigmented too.
I love colorfull makeup, makes me happy. And this palette give me more options to play with.


Swatch from left to right:
♥flamepoint (orange)
♥buttercup (yellow)
♥love+ (red, attention: stain on your skin, 1 or 2days)
♥poison plum (purple with blue and pink shimmers)

Even it has some shimmer on the palette, it goes matte when you applied it on the skin, also no reflect of shimmer shown on the HD picture.



The packaging also very cute. From the back part of it, you can see name of each eyeshadow from the palette which you can refill it with single eyeshadow.


The single eyeshadow looks like this. 4gram of product, which is huge in my opinion and fair for the price.
Metal pan, if you think to reorganize it on your z-palette.

For me, I am happy with palette contains 4eyeshadows and so far, sugarpill launch 3 pallettes which I buy all!


It has small mirror that very helpfull during my onthego makeup ritual 😉

Will show more picture when I have good time using this palette. 😉

I use “love+” as red , “buttercup” as yellow and “flamepoint” as orange in this sugarskull look.
This 3 colors can match each other and blend perfectly.

20130711-043600 AM.jpg

20130711-043717 AM.jpg


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