Tomford seductiverose eye palette

i am excited to touch , swatch and use this Tomford eyeshadow palette

20130626-121605 AM.jpg

And here’s some look I create using this beautiful palette

20130626-122612 AM.jpg

20130626-122622 AM.jpg

20130626-122639 AM.jpg

20130626-122703 AM.jpg

20130626-122524 AM.jpg

20130626-123004 AM.jpg

20130626-123141 AM.jpg

20130629-103142 PM.jpg

20130702-083047 PM.jpg

20130702-083108 PM.jpg

20130702-083132 PM.jpg

20130702-083145 PM.jpg

After ten days travel with this palette I really love it. I can create daily casual, natural, soft to dark smokey and glamour stage makeup with this palette.

My first thought that high end only fancy packaging and for snob around totally beaten by this tomford beauty 😬😊

Love ✨😍✨👍


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