Clio art highlighter and blusher

Everywhere I go, I love to check their local drugstore and big market to see what makeup available , what I have never seen and tried before.

Here’s i found CLIO , art highlighter and art blusher.

The beautiful packaging catches my eyes and the sticker “beauty award” was convincing me to buy the highlighter.

When I open it , I found such a beautiful shimmer of highlighter. The price and the amount of it. I cannot resist.

So I keep searching the blusher after, from 4 colors available , I bought 2, peachy and pinky, which I think easier to use for everyday look.

Below, pictures of the products. Enjoy 😉

20130624-123650 PM.jpg

20130624-123708 PM.jpg

20130624-123724 PM.jpg

20130624-123838 PM.jpg

20130624-123931 PM.jpg

20130624-123809 PM.jpg

20130624-123904 PM.jpg


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